Omaha Chiropractic Care Techniques

We See All Ages!

Since 1985, Koenig Chiropractic has offered expert chiropractic care and techniques for individuals and families in Omaha, Nebraska. No appointment needed. Walk-ins welcome!


Our Omaha chiropractor, Dr. Charles Holcomb uses the latest chiropractic techniques, including:


  • Sports Chiropractic

  • Diversified

  • Thompson Drop

  • Motion Palpation

  • Gonstead

  • Extremity Adjustments

  • Activator

  • Pediatric Chiropractic

  • Kinesio Taping

  • Muscle Flossing

  • Hot/Cold Pack Therapy.

If you're interested in a specific chiropractic technique and it's not listed above, please reach out to us.

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> No Appointment Needed. Walk-ins Are Welcome!

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